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You Turn Me On Ukulele tab


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by Evans+Hossel

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You Turn Me On

I wake up in a different daylight. 
Guess I haven't been wrong. 
        Am                                      G                D 
See me follow the shadow haunting your body - naked like water, shining like  
honey/ Move me. 
You turn me on (thrill of it all). 
You turn me on (thrill of it all). 
Am                               Em 
You turn me on (thrill of it all) 
I read in the paper how everything's changed, 
but it's all the same. It's out of the game. 
I reach out and touch an endless temptation, 
  G                D 
living a dream - the strangest sensation / Move me... (Em C Am Em) 
Solo: G D C G D Em 
Lines I have written and lines I have faced. 
Emerge out of nowhere and leave me no trace. 
But I've had a feeling we'll turn into one, 
G                           D 
when everything's said, when everything's done / Move me... (Em C Am Em) 
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