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Travlin' Man Ukulele tab

Ricky Nelson

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by gee%2Dw

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Travlin' Man

  		    C                         Am                      C                Am                     
I'm a travelin' man,  made a lot of stops all over the world                           
C7                            F                              C        G7      C        G7             
And in every port... I own the heart,  Of at least one lovely girl 
I've a pretty Senorita waiting for me,   Down in old Mexico 
f you're ever in Alaska stop and see,    My cute little Eskimo 
                       C7         F                                   Em                  F                            C 
  CHORUS#:     Oh my sweet Fraulien down in Berlin town,   Makes my heart start to yearn   
                             Am                                Em                   D                 G       G7                           
                      And my China doll down in old Hong Kong,    Waits for my return 
                     Pretty Polynesian baby over the sea,    I remember the night 

                     When we walked in the sands of the Waikiki,     And I held you oh so tight 

------ instrumental break ------ 

Back to CHORUS#: 
Oh, I'm a travelin' man,   Yes, I'm a travelin' man ...(fade out)..
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