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Milk It

Intro:A C G G# 
I am my own parasite  
I don't need a host to live 
We feed off of each other 
We can share our endorphins  
A C G G#          A C G G#         A C G G# 
        Doll steak         test meat  
I own my own pet virus 
I get to pet and name her 
Her milk is my shit 
My shit is her milk  
A C G G#        A C G G#         A C G G# 
        test meat        doll steak 
A C G G# (durante todo o refrão) 
Look on the bright side is suicide 
Lost eyesight I'm on your side 
Angel left wing  right wing  broken wing 
Lack of iron and/or sleeping 
Protector of the kennel 
Obituary birthday 
Your scent is still here in my place of recovery  
Contribuição: marcus vinícius maia dias ([email protected]) 
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