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Somewhere Down The Road Ukulele tab


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by martinmoritz

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Somewhere Down The Road

  		Intro: G-G7-C 

We had the right love 
At the wrong time 
       Am        Am7 
Guess I always knew Inside 
  Am7          D7           Gsus G 
I wouldnt have you for a long time 
Those dreams of yours 
Are shining on distant shores 
   Em        Am               Bm 
And if they're callig you way 
 C                      D 
I have no right to make you stay 


G                     Gm7 
But somewhere down the road 
C9                      G 
Our roads are gonna cross again 
Am7      Bm         C     D 
It doesn't really matter when 
         G                      Gm7 
But somewhere down the road 
    C                    G 
I know that heart of yours 
       (C)         D 
Will come to see 
  Am       G         D  G-G7-C-D 
That you belong with me 

G                           C 
Sometimes goodbyes are not forever 
Am                Am7 
Its doesn't matter if you're gone 
        Am7       D7    Gsus G 
I still believe inus together 
       C       Cm               Bm7 
I understand more than you think 
 Em              Am7        G 
You have to go out on your own  
           C                     D 
So you can find your way back home 
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