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Overflow Ukulele tab


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by sabrjoao

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Intro: C G C F 

verse 1

             C                     G      
Livin' in this world can be like a desert 
                C        F 
It can leave me dry and alone 
            C                  G 
Lookin' for safety, runnin' on empty 
       C             F 
Takin' all I have to go on 

    C     G 
But You-o-oo 
               C               F 
You fill up my cup and I'm overwhelmed 
      C     G 
Yeah, You-o-oo 
              C               F 
You give me a hope that never ends 
Pre-Chorus 2 
           C                          G 
There's no limit to the love that You give me 
       C                         F 
I'd go swimmin' in the sea of forgiveness 
       C                          G 
I know You're the only reason I'm livin' 
      C        F 
I overflow-o-o-oh 

C G I overflow-o-o-o-oh C F I overflow-o-o-o-oh C G I overflow-o-o-o-oh C F I overflow-o-o-oh
verse 2 C G The love that I'm filled with, I can't help but give it C F I wanna see joy flood this world C G Watch all the nations return to the Savior C F Bringin' heaven down to this earth Bridge C G It's over the top C Your love never stops F Rushin' through my heart C G I can't contain C I get carried away F In all that You are (2X)
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