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Michael Jackson

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verse 1: 

I met her on my way to Chicago 

Where she was all alone 

And so was I 
So I asked her for her name 

She smiled and looked at me 
I was surprised to see 

That a woman like that 
Was really into me 

She said she didnít have no man Raised her kids the very best she can (She was loving me) Dm She told me she was all alone Said at home, she didnít have no phone (She was wanting me) Gm She said just to give her a page Spend the night was the goal she played (She was loving me) A7 She lied to you, lied to me Thought she was loving me, loving me
Yeah verse 2: Dm I never wouldíve thought she was living like that Her words seemed so sincere When I held her near Gm She would tell me how she feels It felt so real to me Dm This girl, she had to be Gm An angel sent from heaven just for me Repeat Chorus
Gm She tried to live a double life Loving me while she was still your wife (She was wanting me) Dm She thought that loving me was cool With you at work and the kids at school (She was loving me) Gm She said that it would never end Tried to keep me any way she can (She was wanting me) A7 She lied to you, lied to me ĎCause she had a family, family Yeah
Interlude: Dm Why, Oh no, alright, oh Dm Iím in love, love verse 3: Dm I didnít know she was already spoken for ĎCause Iím not that kind of man Gm Swear that I wouldíve never looked her way Now I feel so much shame Dm And all things have to change You should know that Iím holding her blame Repeat Chorus 1 Repeat Chorus 2 Repeat Chorus 1 Repeat Chorus2
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