Michael Bolton


Michael Bolton

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Year: 1987 - Album: The Hunger

(Paul Vance and Leon Carr)

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Intro: D9 Bm7 D9 E7 A D9 A6 E7 

A    A7M C#m  C#m7 D              E7         A   F#m 
Gina,    Gina,       I kissed you once and then 
           D        Dm6         A         F#m 
I felt so wonderful,   so very wonderful 
            D9   Dm6 Bm5-/7  E7 
Let's do it over    again 
A    A7M C#m  C#m7 D           E7      A   F#m 
Gina,    Gina,       I can't remember when 
           D         Dm6              A               F#m 
I've ever felt a kiss   that made me feel like this 
            D9  Bm5-/7   A 
Let's do it over      again 

D9          Bm7     D9             E7 
Look at you,    oh, look at you 
   A         D9       A6 
So warm, so sweet, so shy 
 D         B7      D          B7   E7 
Look at me,   oh, look at me 
            D9           E7/6         Fdim 
I can't believe that I'm such a lucky guy 
        A    A7M C#m  C#m7 D            E7    A   F#m 
To have Gina,    Gina        all for my very own 
               D        Dm6          A        F#m 
It's much too wonderful,    so very wonderful 
             D9      Dm6  Bm5-/7 Fdim E7   A 
To know that Gina is   mine               alone 
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