Maroon 5

Stutter Ukulele tab

Maroon 5

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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  		( E C#m E C#m ) 
I really, I really 
Whoa oh, I really need to know 
(I really, I really) 
Whoa oh, or else you gotta let me go 
(I really, I really) 

(verso 1) 
E                          A 
This time I really need to do things right 
C#m                                 A 
Shivers that you give me, keep me freezing all night 
               C#m    A 
You make me, shudder oooh yeah 

C#m                     A 
I can't believe it I'm not myself 
C#m                          A 
Certainly I'm thinking about no one else 
You make me, shut up 

A                           C#m   A 
I really, I really need to know 
Or else you gotta let me go 


You're just a fantasy, girl 
It's an impossible world 
C#m               E 
All I want is to be with you always 
A                    E                     C#m 
I need you every day pay some attention to me 
All I want is just you and me always 
A                 E 
Give me affection I need your protection 
          Eb                 D 
Cause it feels so good you make me 
s-stutter, stutter 

(verso 2) 
If I could touch you I'd never let go 
Now you got me screaming 
And I cannot, shut up, oh, shut up, yeah 

Now I am lying on a bedroom floor( 
Barely even speaking and I cannot, get up 

And I really, I really, I really need to know 
Or else you gotta let me go 

Ab                            C#m 
You knock me down I can't get up 

I'm stuck 
Gotta stop shaking me up 
I can't eat, can't sleep can't think sane 

Get under, sinking under 

(I really – I really) 
You make me s-stutter 
(I really – I really) 
You make me s-stutter 
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