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Too Deep Ukulele tab


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by victborges

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Too Deep

  		Intro: C G C Em    C      D  Am  C  Em  G  C     G  D 

Verse: 1 
Am              Em             Am 
I argue with my side thing (Yuh) 
                      Em        C 
Way more than my main thing (Yuh) 
I thought we were just fuckin' 
I can't fall in love for nothin' 
I can't lie to you for nothin' 
I made you who you wasn't, we was candy crushin' 

G Am But this shit getting too deep (Yeah yeah) Em G Too deep (Yeah yeah) D G Too deep for me Em Am Getting too deep (Yeah yeah) Em D Too deep (Yeah yeah) G Too deep for me Am G This shit too deep
Verse: 2 G Too aggravated, too complicated G More, more, more, more complicated Am C Le-le-le-less communication G D Less conversation, more confrontation G I'ma catch a case, no exoneration Em G I'ma go to jail, now I'm contemplating C D I don't know what you see in me G I don't ever wanna be with you Am I don't know why you pass for it Em G Wasting energy texting me D Text messages, threat messages Bm Am Em Am I don't wanna think less of you, no (No) Em G D I just wanna see the best for you, yeah
G Em Am But this shit getting too deep (Getting too) Em Am Too deep (Deep, yeah) G Am Em Too deep for me (Getting too deep) Am Getting too deep (Yeah yeah) Em Too deep (Yeah yeah) G Bm G Getting Too deep (Too deep) for me Am This shit too deep
Verse: 3 C Too many steps, too many levels Em Too many laps, too many hurdles D You don't wanna get hurt by me G I don't wanna be a crutch for ya Am C Too insane, too irritated G Too insufficient, too inconsistent C G You just wanna talk, I don't wanna listen Am Now I wanna talk, you don't wanna listen Em I don't ever wanna lose you again G You don't ever wanna see me again D Say that I'm done, leave you alone G D G Em Mark you, then call you again (Again, again, again, again) G Again (Again, again) G Not like this usually
Em G Em But this shit is getting too deep (Yeah yeah) C Em Too deep (Yeah yeah) G Too deep for me Am C Getting too deep (Just a little too) Em Too deep (Little too deep) Am G Too deep for me (Just a little too deep) Am C This shit too deep
Outro: Em G C (x3)
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