Frank Sinatra

My Way

Frank Sinatra

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My Way

Year: 1991 - Album: Nothing But The Best

(Claude François/Jacques Revaux/Paul Anka)

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       D                     D7M  
And now the end is near  
                A6         B7  
 And so I face      the final curtain.  
      Em        Em7  
My friends, I'll say it clear,  
                  A7                       D  
I'll state my case,   of which I'm certain.  
     D7                         D7+ D7  
I've lived      a life that's full,  
                  G                    Gm  
I've travelled each and every highway,  
       D                               A7     
And more, much more than this,  
          G Gm6     D  
I did it my            way.  

 D                         D7M    
Regrets, I've had a few,  
                 A6         B7  
But then again,  too few to mention.  
  Em           Em7  
I did   what I had to do  
                 A7                       D  
And saw it through  without  exception.  
  D7                                 D7+      D7  
I planned      each charted course,  
                     G                  Gm  
Each careful step along the byway,  
       D                               A7       
And more, much more than this,   
          G Gm6   D  
I did it my          way.  

D Am7 Yes there were times, I'm sure you knew, G G/B Gm6 When I bit off more than I could chew, Em7 A7 But through it all when there was doubt F#m7 Bm7 I ate it up and spit it out. Em7 A7 I faced it all, and I stood tall G Gm6 D And did it my way.
D D7M I've loved, I've laughed and cried, A6 B7 I've had my fails, my share of losing, Em Em7 And now as tears subside A7 D I find it all so confusing D7 D7+ D7 To think I did all that G Gm And, may I say, not in a shy way, D A7 Oh, no, oh no, not me: G Gm6 D I did it my way.
D Am7 For what is a man, what has he got? G G/B Gm6 If not himself, then he has not Em7 A7 To say the things he truly feels, F#m7 Bm7 And not the words of one who kneels. Em7 A7 The record shows I took the blows, G Gm6 D And did it my way.
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