Frank Sinatra

Dolores Ukulele tab

Frank Sinatra

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  		Introd: F#m C#m5-/7 F#m Bm5-/7 E7 A7 G Cm A7 

D               Em7   A7    D      D6 
How I love the kisses of Dolores, 
D      Cdim    Em7   A7 
Ay, ay, ay, Dolores; 
Em7          A7       Em7   A7 
Not Marie or Emily or Doris  
A7  A7/13-   D 
Only my Dolores. 
F#7         B7  E7       Edim 
From a balcony above me, 
               Bm         Bm7                A 
She whispers, "Love me,"       and throws a rose. 
F#m           C#m5-/7     F#m   Bm5-/7   E7       A7      G  Cm A7 
Ah, but she is twice as lovely  as the rose she throws. 
D             Em7      A7    D      D6 
I would die to be with my Dolores, 
D      Cdim    Em7   A7 
Ay, ay, ay, Dolores; 
Em7           A7         Em7    A7 
I was made to serenade Dolores, 
A7     A7/13-   D 
Chorus after Chorus. 
F#7          B7        E7         Edim 
Just imagine eyes like moonrise, 
             Bm    Bm7/E              Em7   A7 
A voice like music,     and lips like wine. 
 D              A7             B7    E7   A7   D 
What a break if I could make Dolores mine all mine. 

Gravada também por Tommy Dorsey 
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