Frank Sinatra

Christmas Mem'ries Ukulele tab

Frank Sinatra

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Christmas Mem'ries

(Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman and Don Costa)

Introdução: D G Gdim D G6 Gdim D Bm7 G Edim A7    

        D           G Gdim          D       G6      
Singing carols,     string ing popcorn 
Gdim    D   Bm7   G Edim  F#7 B7 
Making footprints in the snow  
G7M      Gm7  A    A7   D        B7 
Mem'ries,    Christmas mem'ries  
Cdim         Em7     Edim    F#7   B7 E7 A7 
They're the sweetest ones I know  
A7     D       G Gdim     D       G6      
Cookies baking    in the kitchen  
Gdim       D   Bm7 G Edim  F#7 
Cards and ribbons ev'rywhere  
G7M     Gm7 Cdim  Gdim  D B7  
Frosty      Christmas mem'ries  
Cdim        D      F#m   G  Edim D 
Float like snowflakes    in the air 
   Cdim    D9     Am7    D9        D7/9   D  D7/13- 
And oh the joy of waking Christmas morning 
    Am7     G    G9   G   
The fam'ly round the tree 
    Bm   F#7    Bm      F#7          D9        E7 
We had a way of making Christmas morning  
  A4     A     A9  F#m      B7       D9      E7 
As merry    as can be    I close my eyes and see  
A7    D      G    Gdim     D         G6      
Shiny  faces    of all the children  
   Gdim Em7   D     Bm7  G  Edim  F#7 B7 
Who now have children    of their own  
G7M   Gm7     Cdim     Gdim D B7  
Funny,    but  comes    December  
  Cdim  Em7    G F#m        G      G/F# Em7 Edim  D 
And I remember   ev'ry    Christmas         I've known 
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