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Year: 1957 - Album: Come Fly with Me

(Johnny Mercer and Rube Bloom)

Key:  D More
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A7   D  D6 D7M D6 D 
   D6       D7M       D6   Em  Em5+ Em6  Em5+ A7 
Where hearts were entertaining June 
 Em9     Em6     Em9    A7  Em9 Em6 Em9 A7 
We stood beneath an amber moon 
  G/B    A7     G/B     D  D7M  D6  
And softly murmured, "Someday soon" 
B7  E7    A7    D   A7 C#7 C7 
We kissed   and clung together 
B7    C    C/B   Am7    B7 
Then, tomorrow was another day 
  C      C/B    Am7      B7 
The morning found me miles away 
   C      C/B      Am7      Em  Em5+ Em6 Em5+ 
With still a million things to say 
Em  C Cm Em  Em7+       Edim   Gdim     D 
Now,    when twilight dims the sky above 
 A      D          Gdim    Em 
Recalling thrills of our love 
         Bb9       A9 D  D6   D7M D6 
There's one thing I'm certain of  
D   Em Em5+ Em6   Gdim  D Em  Em5+ Em6 Gdim D D6 D7M D6 D 
Return     I will to old   Brazil 
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