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Lose control Ukulele tab


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by fribs

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Lose control

Year: 2006 - Album: Open Door

  		Lose Control  

This is one of my favourite song on their latest album ‘cause it sounds so romantically mysterious. 

By the way, I want to greet my bestfriend Ben a.k.a Yowen and my beautiful sisters viz, Diane, Che and Mic-Mic. 

Note: I prefer to transpose the chords 5 frets lower because it sounds much better if you play it using the acoustic guitar. The strumming pattern is very easy try to figure it out. 

Anyway, if you have any questions regarding that just email me at [email protected] and I will respond to you immediately. 

Intro: F		E (Original Key used E and Eb) 

Verse One 

F                  E 
You don't remember my name. 
F              E 
I don't really care. 
F                    E 
Can we play the game your way? 
F				E 
Can I really lose control? 

Chorus: (Original Key used: C#m, Eb then E and Eb) 

Just once in my life, 
I think it'd be nice, 

D#m					  E 
Just to lose control, just once, 
                             F               E 
With all the pretty flowers in the dust. 
F                E 

Verse Two  
F		   E 
Mary had a lamb. 
 F				E 
His eyes black as coals. 
F					E 
If we play very quiet, my lamb, 
F				E 
Mary never has to know. 

Just once in my life, 
I think it'd be nice, 
D#m				   E 
Just to lose control, just once. 

Bridge: (Original chord used is A#m) 

If I cut you down to a thing I can use, 
I fear there will be nothing good left of you. 

F         E (until fade) 

That’s all folks!!! 
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