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Collective Soul

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by rominhu

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Intro: C    F 
   C                   F  
we steal to lose every colour from the sky 
       C                F  
then crawl as a child while the shadows burn our eyes 
we know there's no longer shine 
    Am          F 
on this burned out rainbow 
C lately it seems we've been chasing F what times resolved C F maybe something means nothing here after all
C F whispers are now screams this conclusion never ends C F my pride with your kiss even angels can't defend G we know we're running head Am F on into our confusion (Refrão) A# F C still we hide safe behind these crumbled walls A# F C 'cause we know there's nothing here after all
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LEAD GUITARRA : -|----------------------------------------------------------------------|- -|--6--5------------------6--5---6--5------------6---8---10--13--13--12-|- -|--5--5------------------5--5---5--5------------5-------------------12-|- -|-------5\3-------------------5------55---3--2------10--10--10--10--12-|- -|--------------------3-------------------------------------------------|- -|-----------3-1-0-1----------------------------------------------------|-
G we know we're running head Am F on into our confusion (Refrão) play C and F chord until the end.
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