Chris de Burgh

The Risen Lord Ukulele tab

Chris de Burgh

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by edsooliveira

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The Risen Lord

Year: 2004 - Album: High on Emotion-Live from Dublin

  		Chris de Burgh - The Risen Lord 
From the album: Flying Colours (1988) 
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Organ part: 
Dm  Dm  Bb  Am  Gm C 
Dm  C Bb C  Dm  C Bb  C  F 
C Dm  Bb  Am  Gm C 
Dm  Bb C Dm  C Bb  C  F 

Piano part: 
Dm Bb Am Bb F C Dm 

 Brother, can you spare me food 
      Bb                     C 
 And give me a drink of wine? 
 I've been traveling on this road 
 For such a long, long time 

 I have seen the wonders 
 But most amazing of them all 
      F          C        Bb 
 I believe I've seen the face 
         C     Dm  C Gm  F Dm 
 Of the risen Lord 

 On a night like this there came 
      Bb                C 
 A stranger on the road 
 I saw him stumble, heard him fall 
 I helped him with his load 

 The further that we walked 
 Well, the heavier it became 
          F          C        Bb 
 And I believe I've felt the weight 
        C      Dm    C   Dm  Am  Dm  Gm A  Dm Bb Am Bb F C Dm 
 From another world, oh, oh, oh, oh 
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