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The Leader Trilogy Chords

Chris de Burgh

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by jessgomes

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The Leader Trilogy

Capo on 5th fret
Intro: Am F Em F G Am Em7 F 
  Am                         F 
I looked to the North, and I turned to the West, 
      Em                   F 
For a sign, a light in the sky, 
        G                          Am   Em7 F 
Oh, the message is clear, that the time is  near, 
      Am        Em    F 
For a leader to come again 
  Am                      F 
A circle of stones on the head of a hill, 
  Em       C     Em      F 
Tonight is where it will be, 
        G                      Am    Em  F 
In this desolate place, we all stand and wait, 
      Am        Em    F 
For a leader to come again 
      Am          Em    F 
Yes a leader will come again, 
G          Am       Am Am G Am 
For it is written, 
       Am     G       Am 
That a leader will be here, 
G          Am      Am Am G Am 
And then a vision, 
Left me blinded by the light, 
       G                            Am 
And it started right in front of my eyes... 
   PART THE 2nd: 'The Vision' 
Intro: Am 
      G                  Am 
And I saw a burning chariot, 
        F                     Em                    F 
And the four horsemen of the apocalypse, waiting on high, 
C     G                 C 
And I heard the thunder rolling in, 
      Em                                             F - Bb - Am 
And behold our leader on a pale horse, riding in the sky 
Yeah yeah yeh 
C     G               Am 
And I saw this land a battlefield, 
       F                Em                  F 
With a hundred thousand men, fighting hand to hand, 
C     G                   C 
And I heard the sounds of victory, 
        Em                                                F   G 
And the rivers ran red with the blood of our enemies, and I____ 
      C                     F 
I saw fire (fire), from the sky, 
      C                      F          C   G 
I saw fire (fire), and I saw paradise, (paradise,) 
Fire (fire), from the sun, I saw fire, 
          F         E  D C  Bm C     Am 
And I saw Alpha and O--mega ha-ha-ha-ha 
Lead Break: G Am  G Am  G F  C G  Am  F Em F C G  C  Em  F G 
                      F          C   G 
I saw fire, and I saw paradise, (paradise,) 
Fire, I saw fire... 
OUTRO: Lead Break 
PART THE 3rd: 'What About Me?' 
Intro: Am Em G C  
                 Em     D              Em 
I am left in the night, trembling with fear, 
       C           Em              ?         C 
I have seen to the future, and the future is here, 
    Em                G                D          Em 
Our leader will bring victory, but our land is in flames, 
           Am              G           F              B 
And as the final sounds of battle disappear, I had to say... 
N.C.       C       D            Em                 D Em E  
What about me, and you, and the ones that we love, 
D          C Em G   D                         Em 
What about me,  and you, and the ones that we love, 
Well what about us?  

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