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Moonlight and vodka Ukulele tab

Chris de Burgh

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by europeu

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Moonlight and vodka

Year: 1985 - Album: Live in Dortmund

  		Am	       Dm	  E 
Fix me a drink, make it a strong one, 
Am		     Dm	E 
Hey comrade, a drink, make it a long one, 
F			    G 
My hands are shaking and my feet are numb, 
F			  E 
My head is aching and the bar's going round, 
Fmaj7		       E 
And I'm so down, in this foreign town. 
Tonight there's a band, it ain't such a bad one, 
Play me a song, don't make it a sad one, 
I can't even talk to these Russian girls, 
The beer is lousy and the food is worse, 
C	     G    F    C	   G    F 
And it's so damn cold, yes it's so damn cold, 
I know it's hard to believe, 
F			      E 
But I haven't been warm for a week; 
Am	      Dm     G       Am 
Moonlight and vodka, takes me away, 
Am	      Dm     G	   Am 
Midnight in Moscow is lunchtime in L.A., 
Ooh play boys, play... 
Espionage is a serious business, 
Well I've had enough of this serious business, 
That dancing girl is making eyes at me, 
I'm sure she's working for the K.G.B. 
In this paradise, ah cold as ice; 
Moonlight and vodka, takes me away, 
Midnight in Moscow is sunshine in L.A., 
Yes, in the good old U.S.A. 

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