Bruno Major


Bruno Major

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	  		  D             A/C#     Bm         D7/A 
Tracksuits and red wine movies for two 
 G             D/F#    E7         Asus 
We take off our phones and turn off our shoes 
 D             A/C#       Bm          D7/A        
We'll play nintendo though  I always lose 
 G              D/F#      E7        Asus 
Cos you watch the tv while I'm watching you 
  D                F#7       Bm       D9 
There's not many people i'd honestly say 
G             D/F#   E7sus4  E4 
I don't mind losing to 
             Em9                Gm9      C7 
But there's nothing like doing nothing 
     D   Em9   A7 
With you    

 D             A/C#     Bm          D7/A 
Dumb conversation we lose track of time 
 G             D/F#    E7         Asus 
Have i told you lately i'm grateful you're mine 
 D            A/C#     Bm           D7/A 
We watch the notebook for the 17th time 
G            D/F#      E7         Asus 
I say it's stupid then you catch me crying 
 D               F#7       Bm        D9 
We're not making out on a boat in the rain 
      G            D/F#   E7sus4  E4 
Or in a house i painted blue 
             Em9                Gm9      C7 
But there's nothing like doing nothing 
     D   D6   C#m7/5-   F#7 
With you 
     Bm                   Bmmaj7 
So shut all the windows lock all the doors 
           Bm7                      E7sus4       E7 
We're not looking for no one don't need nothing more 
Bm                     Bmmaj7 
You'll bite my lip and i'll want you more 
   Bm7                E7sus4       E7 
Until we end up in a heap on the floor 
Gm9  C7   F#m9 B7 
Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm 
Em9       A13/9- 
Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm 

              D          A/C#       Bm           D7/A 
You could be dancing on table tops wearing high heels 
  G          D/F#          E7           Asus 
Drinking until the world spins like a wheel 
     D             F#7          Bm        D9 
But tonight your apartment has so much appeal 
            G      D/F#       E7sus4   E4 
Who needs stars? We've got a roof 
             Em9                Gm9      Csus 
And there's nothing like doing nothing 
     Bm   F#9   F9   E9 
With you 
            Em9                A7 
No there's nothing like doing nothing 
With you 
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