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Blink 182

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by europeu

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Hold on

  		C                                         G         F 
I hear the phone, it rings so violently  
C                                                                G           F 
Can't leave my room, can't breathe since she left me  
C                                       G           F 
I will admit, I hate those things I said  
C                                                      G               F 
Girls always cry, guys will never admit they did  
C             G      F 
Hold on, hold on  
C            G       F 
hold on, hold on  
Don't tell me that it's over  
G                           F 
I'm not used to this temptation  
And when you come back running  
G                             F 
There's no use for explanation  
I think things are too hard for  
G                      F 
Even with my expert knowledge  
Most girls get them in trouble  
G                           F                                  C    F    G     C   F    G 
Because they are rarely honest  
C                                                 G               F 
What's with the jokes, all the routines they play  
C                                                          G                F 
Screw with my head, now I cave in 'till they their way  
C                                               G             F 
Guys like to run, chicks like to yell, you see  
C                                                   G       F 
Guys hate to fight, girls think it's therapy  
Chorus (2x)  
Don't tell me that it's over  
G                         F              
I'm not used to this temptation 

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