Woman Ukulele tab


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by tamamoreira

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Capo on 2nd fret

G                                Bm 
 I remember you stepped in the store 
                   F                       Em 
 And you kept me standing in one place for way too long 
G                    Bm                       F 
 There you smiled at me but all that I could say was just 
                  Em            D     
 "Hello sir what will it be" 

   D                       F#m 
 You're a Jesus with shoes on 
 I can see the light in your hair 
 It's happening again 

 Ooh baby 

G                        Em 
 Well have you told your mom 
 That you won't be coming home 
 Don't you worry now 
 She can do it on her own 
     F#m        C 
 You shot me 
 B           D 
 In my heart 
            F#m        C         
 And I just wanna be 
Bb     A 
 Your woman 

G                Bm 
 Now we're all alone 
 You make me lose my cool 
 I can't deny it and I can't pretend 
   G            Bb 
 What I see is what I get 
 Your arms around me 
 Here we stand 

D                                    F#m 
 Now I believe that we can make it through 
 Take me as I am it's up to you 
 Can you see the things that nobody else can see 
D                                 F#m 
 Think it over now that you still can 
 Are you though enough to be my man 
 Or will you also try to walk away anyway 

G                        Em 
 Well have you told your mom 
 That you won't be coming back 
                  Em                      D 
 Boy you look so fine baby how about upstairs 
      F#m        C 
 You shot me 
  B                 D 
 Right here in my heart 
            F#m        C         
 And I just wanna be 
B        D 
 Your woman 
 Your woman 
         C         B 
 Your woman 

 D      F#m      C      B  (5x) 
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