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Voulez Vous (ver. 2) Ukulele tab


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by shebeast101

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Voulez Vous (ver. 2)

  		Intro   B x 4    Em7  C/E  Em7  C/E 
(VERSE)  (Em7) People everywhere (C/E) 
A sense of expectation (Em7) hangin' in the air (C/E) (Em7) 
Givin' out a spark (C/E) 
Across the room your eyes are (Em7) glowin' in the dark (C/E) (Em7) 
And here we (B) go again, we know the start, we know the end 
(Em7) Masters of the scene (B) 
We've done it all before and now we're back to get some more 
(Em7) You know what I mean 
(Chorus) Voul (C) ez- (Am) vous 
Take it now or leave it 
Now is all we get 
Nothing promised, no regrets (Em7) 
Ain't no big decision 
You know what to do 
La question c'est voulez-vous 
 Voulez-(A) vous  
Em7    022030 or x79767 
C/E   xx2010 
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Here is the main guitar riff E------------------------------------------------------------------------ B--4-5-4-5-4---------------------------------------------------------- G--------------4--------2------2-4-------2-4------------------------- D--------------------------2-4------2-4-------2-4-------------------- A----------------------------------------------------2-3-2-0-2-------- The guitar during the song plays this Xx777x then xx8x8x then xxx978 twice then xxxx78 then xx77xx then xxx12 12 12 three times
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