Guitar Tutorials and other tutorials

Welcome to our tutorial section. We have splitted the tutorials into several categories to make it easier to browse. The tutorials are submitted by our members and approved by the E-Chords team. Use the tutorials below to help you to improve your techniques and skills.

Here you'll find guitar tutorials, riffs, scales, theory, chords, keyboard and much more.


Acoustic & Electric Guitar - Beginner - 6 tutorials

If you're a beginner in the guitar tutorial world then click here to access these tutorials which help you to start the right way.

How to Build Your Own Solos

Learn some great techniques to make your solos sounds incredible. You'll also learn how to build your own solos easily.

Tapping lesson

This is a tapping lesson for guitar

Starting With Barre Chords

How to start playing Barre chords

Acoustic & Electric Guitar - Advanced - 3 tutorials

If you already play but would like to improve your skills and learn new tricks and tips then learn with these guitar tutorials.

Secret to Barre Chords

Learn the secrets on the simplicity of a barre chord.


Asceding/Descending Legato

Guitar Harmonics

How to do guitar harmonics

Riffs and Guitar Scales - 0 tutorials

Here you'll find some tabs of popular riffs and several guitar scales and guitar exercises.


Chords - 2 tutorials

Learn the secrets of the musical chord. This tutorials will teach you how to build chords, what are their variations and much more. Includes theory and lots of practice.

The Guide To Chord Theory

Understanding chord construction/naming

Basic Open Guitar Chords

How to Read Chord Diagrams

Theory - 1 tutorials

The tutorials and lessons you need to learn the secrets of music theory are here. Scales, keys and more.

Basic Music Theory

Describes how scales, chords are derived

Keyboard / Piano - 0 tutorials

Tutorials to improve your technique and knowledge of keyboards. This piano tutorials will teach you theory, practice with exercises and more.

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