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Green Disease

Year: 2002 - Album: Riot Act

------------------------  ... 
Verso: (C# E G# D#) 
--6-6---9-9---6-6---8-8-------- ... 
VERSO: (C# E G# D#) 
      A    E        A     E              D   E 
well i guess there's nothing wrong with what you say 
        A     E        A     E          D 
but don't sell me, "there can't be better ways" 
         A     E        A    E            D      
tell the captain, "the boat's not safe, we're drowning" 
     A    E        A   E          D      (A4+ A) 
turns out he's the one making waves, waves, waves... 
REFRÃO: (só que outra letra) 
Contribuição: Robin Finck Nit([email protected]) 

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