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Joy Tab


Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by vasodebarro

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Year: 2000 - Album: Greatest Hits

Key:  E More
Joy Key BB
Joy Key CC
Joy Key C#C#
Joy Key DD(one step down)
Joy Key D#D#(half step down)
Joy Key EE(original key)
Joy Key FF(half step up)
Joy Key F#F#(one step up)
Joy Key GG
Joy Key G#G#
Joy Key AA
Joy Key A#A#
  		Here's the tab to the guitar part at the beginning, although I can imagine you figured it out yourself, it's not that difficult. 


The rest of the song has variations of that going during the verses, just try whatever fits (I couldn't hear it well enough to figure it out) 

Here's the intro chords (which are the same as the same as the Chorus) 

E (open) 

B (Bar 7th) 

F# (Bar 2nd) 

C#m (Bar 4th) 


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