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Year: 2005 - Album: Back to Bedlam

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Intro e---6-3--6-5-1---5-1---5-3-0------------| b-------3------3-----1-------1 play--| x4 g---------------------------------------| D---------------------------------------| A---------------------------------------| E---------------------------------------|
Chords come in when intro is being played 3rd time Verse 1 N. C She said to me, Dm Go steady on me, F C Won't you tell me what the wise men said when they, Gm Came down from heaven, Dm Smoked nine till seven, F C All the s*** that they could find, but they, Bridge Gm Couldn't escape from you , Dm Couldn't be freed of you, F C And now they know there's no way out, and they're, Bb C Really sorry now for what they've done, they were three wise men just trying to have some fun, Chorus Cm Eb Look who's alone now, Bb It's not me F It's not me, Cm Eb Bb F Those three wise men they've got a semi by the sea, Cm Ab Gotta ask yourself the question, Bb F Where are you now? Cm Ab Gotta ask yourself the question, Bb F Where are you now? Verse 2 N. C Really sorry now they, wern't to know, F C They got caught up, in your talent show, Gm Dm With your benictor little bastards and your, fancy dress, F C Who just judge each other, and try to impress, but they Bridge Chorus
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then the guitar solo: e------------------------------------------------------------| b------------------------------------------------------------| g------------------------------------------------------------| D--------2---------------4-2----------4----------------0-1-2-| A--2-4-4---2-4---2-2-4-4-----4--2-4-4---2-4--------0-2-------| E---------------------------------------------0-3------------| e-----------------1-6-8-6-8-----11-10-8-6-11-10-8-6-8-11---------------1-3-| b---4-1---1-4-1-4-----------4-1--------------------------4-1---1-4-1-4-----| g-------3----------------------------------------------------3-------------| D--------------------------------------------------------------------------| A--------------------------------------------------------------------------| E--------------------------------------------------------------------------| e--1-3-6-3-6-8-------| b--------------------| g--------------------| D--------------------| A--------------------| E--------------------|
Chorus then: Cm Ab Bb F Where are you now? Cm Ab Bb F Where are you now? Cm Ab Gotta ask yourself the question, Bb F Where are you now? Cm Ab Gotta ask yourself the question, Bb F Where are you now?

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