Cat Power

American Flag

Cat Power



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American Flag


From "Moon Pix" (1998). There are only two chords in this song, and she is just arpeggiating 
them and playing open strings. The majority of the song is based on an open E chord, and she 
bends the G string, then plays open B and high E strings. 

Tuning: EADGBE 


e|-0-----   -------| 
B|-0-----   --0----| 
G|-1b----   --2----| 
D|-2-----   --2----| 
A|-2-----   --3----| 
E|-------   -------| 

e|----------------0----------   ---------------------------| 
B|------------0------0-------   ------------0--------------| 
G|--------1b-----------1b----   ---------2------2----------| 
D|----2----------------------   ------3------------3-------| 
A|-2-------------------------   ---3------------------3----| 
E|---------------------------   ---------------------------| 

Play them as arpeggios, and that's all there really is to it. Listen to the song for timing. 


My friend, sits at the drum 
His magic hand feels nothing but time 
Nothing but time 

My only friend sits at the drum 
His magic mind doesn't feel anything 
American flag is behind 
If I could stand to be less difficult 

My new friend, plays drums all the time 
Her magic heart feels everything 
She plays the difficult parts and I play difficult 

She goes, 
Shoo ba-doo 
Shoo ba-doo 
Shoo ba-doo-ba-doo 

We go, 
Shoo ba-doo 
Shoo ba-doo 
Shoo ba-doo-ba-doo 

If I could stand to be less difficult 

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