Cat Power


Cat Power

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Intro: C Dm  

C                  Dm 
   Boy, you're a bully  
C                           Dm 
   Through the grass and the river you chase 
C                             G 
   You were cruel, you were so mean 
     Dm                   C 
   Laughing right in my face 
G                                 Dm 
   All the while you had my back, my best friend 
   C                           Dm 
   I can still feel that smile on my face 
C                    Dm 
   27 was a good year, the best 
C                                    Dm 
   The back of the bar watching me dance in a dress 
C                              G                      Dm 
   Remember that night in Paris, all those candles you lit 
C                  Dm 
   You and all the alcohol 
C                          Dm 
   Sleeping on the street, sleeping on a train  
C                               G                 Dm 
   Looking like a crook with a cane you come back home 
                                     C                      Dm 
   With a twist of your tongue and a devilish smile on your face 
C               Dm 
   When you get sick 
C                           Dm 
   You were through with fun and games 
C                              G 
   Now that the times have all changed 
   I can't find you, 
           C                Dm 
   I can't put you back into place 
C               Dm 
   Nothing could be done 
C                    Dm  
   For this young, wild son 
C                                G 
   Standing on the street in a hospital sheet 
    Dm           C            Dm 
   All on the run from the police 
   Dumb girl on your arm 
   That look on your face 
                Dm                        C 
   And all those crazy things you said to me 
Dm                  C 
   I can never forget 
Dm   Am                        G         
        Everything you have to go through 
               F             G 
        With a smile on your face 
     Am                    G           F             
        Everything we now know, with a smile on our face  
     C     Dm               C 
        I,    we  never forget 

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