The Difference Keyboard


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tercmoraes

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The Difference


I wake my faith shaken inside 
Images of you race to mind 
Am                               F 
Did I forget I meant to tell you something? 
C                          Am 
Only half 'til you have to fall 
Only whole when you're seeing it all 
C               F 
Oh you saved something for me 

        C        F  
Between lost and found 
Am                F 
You showed me the difference 
        C         F     
Between safe and sound 
Am                 F    
You showed me the distance 
         C                            Am 
Oh I was sliding, safe but I was hiding out 
     C           F 
Oh I fell I'm not down 
Am                F 
You showed me the difference 

Everything was slipping right through my hands 
Hard to find any place to land 
Clouds don't cover me where I stand anymore 
Only half 'til you think you lost 
Only whole when you're reaching across 
You saved something for me 

Am You resurrected me F Eyes wide open to dream Am G F G In scattered pieces when you found me

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