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by shawn+dixon

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Please Please Me Chords

  		         E                                A   E  G,A,B 
Verse 1: Last night i said these words to my girl. 
        E                      A     E 
        I know you never even tried girl. 

         C#m     F#      Ab     A 
 Chorus: Cmon,  Cmon,   Cmon,  Cmon 
                 E           A        B         E 
        Please please me oh yeah like i please you 

          E                     A            E   G,A,B 
 Verse 2: You don't need me to show the way love. 
          E                        A   E 
          Why do i always have to say love. 

 Bridge: I don't want to sound complaining 
        A                                   E 
        but you know there's always rain in my heart 
        I do all the pleasing with you 
        F#              Ab  A        E 
        It's so hard to reason with you 
           A       B               E   A B 
       Oh yeah why do you make me blue 

 Repeat first verse 

 Outro: G, A, C, B, E 

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