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Oh Marie Keyboard


Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by Evans+Hossel

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Oh Marie

Key:  F7 More
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  		Intr: F7 
F7               Am7                     Bb Dm 
Here she comes, she's all dressed up in daisies. 
F7             Am7                     Bb Dm 
Half the time you'd swear that she is crazy. 
Gm7                             A7 
A fancy smile, a fancy dress - that's the way we know her best. 
She says she is busy - we don't mind. 
'Cos every night she works overtime 
Bb  Dm    C       C7    C 
Oh Marie, we sure hope you're happy. 
Bb  Dm         C      C7     C 
Oh Marie, what would life be without Marie 
F7                 Am7                   Bb  Dm 
She likes to drive those cars you find in movies. 
F7                 Am7                   Bb  Dm 
And every song she hears, she thinks is groovy. 
Gm7                                   A7 
One day she'll buy some coats of fur, instead of spending time with Blur. 
She says that Rolf is hard to please. 
Knowing her, he's on his knees 
Oh Marie... 
Solo: Gm Dm F C C7 C (2X) 
F7              Am7                 Bb   Dm 
Here she comes, she tries to make connections. 
F7              Am7             Bb  Dm 
The management is asking for perfection. 
Gm7                             A7 
Her mobile phone goes overload, she's busy dialin' some country code. 
She speaks fluent French, forget the rest. 
'Cos it's the small unsound, we love the best 
Oh Marie... 
Without Marie. 

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