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I'm Not Afraid Keyboard

Ricky Nelson

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tamamoreira

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I'm Not Afraid

Intro: F   C (2x)

C         Am  Dm  G 
Love they say is serious 
C      Am        G7 
It's not a childs game 
C         Am   F          E7        
It can make or break your heart 
Am      D             G    G7 
But, darling, all the same 
C   Am   D     
I'm not afraid 
G     C        F 
No I'm not afraid 
C        Am        Dm  G 
People tell me I'm too young 
C  Am G7 
But I disagree 
C     Am  F      E7        
Love can come to anyone 
Am      D     G    G7 
And love has come to me  
         C   F     C   C7 
I'm not afraid 
F                                    G 
I'm not afraid as long as I know 
C        D        C       E7 
That you'll always be with me 
And as each tender kiss 
Gets bold enough 
     D7               G 
Somehow I feel I'm old enough 
C       Am       Dm  G 
Darling if you really care 
C          Am   G7 
And I'm sure you do 
C         Am     F       E7        
Take my hand and hold me tight 
Am      D                G    G7 
And make my dreams come true 
G7      C       Am   D 
I'm not afraid 
G7         C       Am   D 
No I'm not afraid 
G7         C       Am   D 
No I'm not afraid 
G7      C   F        C 
No I'm not afraid 

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