Oh Land

Frostbite Keyboard

Oh Land

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by carlluz

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It?s one of Oh Land?s greatest songs, a masterpiece of music. It was quite hard  
for me to find the right chords, there are definitely some missing or wrong. Feel  
free to correct mistakes! :) 

Verse: Dm F C Bb 
Chorus: Dm C F Bb A Gm F 

I'm bored of quality 
I'm tired of keeping disciplined 
I'm sweltering 
The heat is too much for me 
Producing this shit 
Is pure vanity 

I got a frostbite in my frontal lobe 
I got no empathy 
No sensitivity 
Please won?t you unwrap me from this cotton wool - 
I won't be bullet proof 
When you just smile? 

You're bored of quality 
You're tired of 
Keeping disciplined 
I?m not sweltering (I?m sweltering) 
The heat is perfect for me (too much for me) 
Making this song is not vanity (is vanity) 

You got a frostbite in your frontal lobe 
But I?ve got too much empathy 
So much sensitivity 
Please, please, wrap me in some cotton wool - 
I'm not bullet proof 
When you just smile? 

Tabbed by Jakob Widauer 

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