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roll with it version 10 Keyboard


Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by ciaran+oneill

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roll with it version 10

  		Great song, the intro absolutely ace 
(work the strumming pattern out yaself, one bar each  
D7       C7        G         G             
D7       C7        G         G             
D7       C7        G         G             A7        A7   
A7                  G  
Youve gotta roll with it,  
you've gotta take ya time 
you've gotta say wotcha say wotcha say don't let  
      G                         Cadd9  
anybody get In ya way  
              G/B       Am                          G                G 
'cos its all too much for me to take 
                   Cadd9                  D/B            Am  
don't ever think im gonna take me away and hide 
      Cadd9            G/B       D                    G                             
im thinking things that I just cant abide 
 (end on G) 
all other verses same chords, work it out 
              hope you enjoy it. 
                 Tabbed by ciaran oneill and hugh goodfeild 


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