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I'm A Transvest-lite Keyboard


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by VsWorld

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I'm A Transvest-lite


verse 1 
Am                  F 
I first heard Frank say 
   Am                         G 
He wanted to dress like Faye Wray 
  F           G       E/G#         Am 
I wanted that too but what could I do 
   F           C          G 
In junior high school in LA? 

Am                      F 
My heart skipped in the scene 
            Am                    G 
He said you gotta be it, not just dream 
   F       G            E/G#        Am 
It was a taboo I knew I wouldn't pursue 
  F               C      G 
I didn't have the self-esteem 

C G/B I gotta confess that I like to cross dress Am F And I've been doing it since I was 13 C G/B It's hard to tell bros that you wear women's clothes D G Even in the “open-minded” punk scene F G You'd probably get hurt in heels and a skirt C G/B Am G When you're in the middle of a circle pit F G Am So I'd only wear panties under boxers to keep it all a secret F G Now I'm telling everyone 'cause it's fun and I don't give a shit
verse 2 Am F Forward 30 years Am G I still had the same fears F G E/G# Am Then I saw Hedwig play at Bilgewater's gig F C G And I felt the same envy and tears Am F I decided right there Am G I can't be bothered to care F G E Gm Am What other people think, I'm gonna dye my pubes pink F C Am And throw out all my Hanes underwear
C G/B I'm not transgender, I'm a lazy crossdresser Am F Who thinks makeup is too much of an ordeal C G/B I paint my toes and wear shiny tight clothes D G Not for the look, but how it makes me feel F G I don't need things just right, I'm a tranvest-lite C G/B Am G I only shave to do the Time Warp midnight Saturday F G I'm done with self-pity, I don't have to feel shitty E/G# Am F 'Cause I wanna look pretty, so I give it the old city College try G Am Don't get me wrong, I still wanna be a guy F G Who sometimes likes to dress like a girl E/G# Am (He sometimes likes to wear diamonds and pearls) F G Don't think I don't know I'm not fooling anyone E/G# Am (He's a cross between Adele and Charlie Chaplin) F G You gotta know it's not just girls C who just wanna have fun!

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