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Katy Rose

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Intro: Em 

Verso 1: 
Em                    G 
   They've clipped my wings again 
tore them apart and then left me 
Em           G 
   No use to fly away to  
my yesterday of freedom 
Em              G 
   My eyes died back that day 
seeing the hurt I may have done 
Em            G 
   Beat me instead of them 
pain is my only zen of fun 

F#m                              Am 
   I'll go where secrets are sold 
where roses unfold  
I'll sleep as time goes by  

Em Am G Am So hurting here is where I belong dreaming a song Em Am G C blood on my hands to staying strong Em Am G Am The flowers in the graveyard are all gone I don't belong Em F there is no right to heal the wrong Em soup's on hot feeling like a do or die F Em D Am I can't throw up don't think i even want to try
Verso 2: Em G You still can't make me cry Am you've pinned this butterfly down Em G My fire's burning out Am kill my flame without a frown Em G And starving hurts the soul Am when you're hungry for some love Em G So if I close my eyes Am I can really fly above (Pré-Refrão) (Refrão) F I can't throw up don't think I even want to Em G Bm A Em D F tryyy- tryyyy- (Refrão) F Em D F I can't throw up don't think i even want to try Outro: Em G F D F Em

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