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Disaster Keyboard


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by jessgomes

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Em		C		G 		D 
Trying not to pretend that you wont happen again and again like that  
Em		C		G		D 
Never thought it would end, but you got into my head and my head like that  
         Em		C		G 
You made me happy baby, but love was crazy so amazing  
D		Em		 
But it's changing, rearranging  
C	G		D 
I don't think I can take anymore  

C G Cuz the walls burned up when our love fell down Em D And it turned into whatever now were saying never C G Feel the fire cuz it's all around Em D And it's burning for forever and always C G We gotta let it go be on our way Em D Look for another day, cuz it ain't the same my baby C G Watch it all fall to the ground Em D No happy ever after, just disaster
C Em C G Didn't want it this way, I only wanted to say D Is I loved you right Em C G Now youíre walking away, and leaving me here to stay D So foolish of me to wait for you Em C To realize all the things I gave you Made you change you, your dreams caved too Em C When I met you, now forget you G D Don't want anymore Chorus Em C G You shot the bullet you shot the bullet that killed me D Not feeling my heart beat, and now itís dying Em C G I, I've been through it, I, I've been through all the agony D Em C And now my eyes are, crying, trying no more crying, G D Lying it's just a game, Em C G D So disaster strikes and Iím alright cus my loveís on his way Chorus

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