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Each Day Gets Better Keyboard

John Legend

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by Saxplayerno1

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Each Day Gets Better

  		Intro: D# Gm D/F Cm F D#/G 

D# Gm D/F Where do we go, who knows? Cm But each day gets better Cm D#/F D I just canít let her go, oh no Cm Each kiss gets sweeter Cm F D#/G I just canít leave her, no
VERSE ONE: D# Gm Iíll write a song D/F I thought about it for far too long Cm But Iíve never had someone to sing about Cm F Until I met her, now each day gets better D# Gm D/F Nobody knows, nobody sees Cm Nobody else understands me like she D# Gm D/F Now that I know what true love means Cm I just hope she stays with me Chorus VERSE TWO: (Chords repeat) She wants to breathe She wants to be where the grass is green She wants to know how loveís supposed to be She wants it better, I want to let her know She belongs right here with me Sheís heard it all but Iíll make her see Iíll make her fall, make her believe Iíll promise her that Iíll never leave Chorus: BRIDGE: G# Fm I just had to write a song about her Cm D# Cm Tell her I donít want to live without her G# Fm Tell her I would build my world around her Cm D# Cm Deeper and deeper, sweeter and sweeter D# Cm Fm Iíll never leave her alone Chorus

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