JJ Heller

Fly Away Keyboard

JJ Heller

Difficulty: EasyEasy


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Fly Away

Intro: D 

D                  G 
Stars call me closer 
G                         D 
The earth is dragging me down 
             E               G 
I want to be more than hungry 
G               E                                  D 
I want to live somewhere other than this old gray town 

D               E                  G 
I want to fly away far beyond my cage 
G                          D 
Where I hear freedom singing 
D                    E                              G 
You are telling me again there's no door to keep me in 
I hear freedom singing 

D                   G 
Beauty all around me 
G                   D 
Drawing me to the sky 
This is life I can feel it 
G             F#         D 
Bid my lonely days goodbye 

    D               E              G 
Fly away home, fly away home, fly away home to you...(2x) 

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