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Jason Mraz

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

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(Jason Mraz)

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  		"Unfold" - words & music by 
jotted down by [email protected] 

intro: Asus2, then slide up and down D string (frets 2-4-6), striking low E too,  
        hit the B and high E string everytime you return to 2nd fret on the D string,  
        end intro on E major 

E                           G#mG#m7 
Hands in line, Arms close to my side 
                C#m                        B                   
I'm fighting tides of an ocean's undertows 
And I figure I might not make it 
E                                G#m  G#m7 
I'm taking empty, But seldom speaking 
                      C#m                                               B   
And the words retreat yeah they breathin histories still at ease 
                        A                            {E}~ 
and the stories untold, And my arms unfold. 
My hands are high                   
And I'm holding out,  i'm holding on  
                       B              A 
And I figure that I, figure that I just might make it 
       E                               G#m G#m7 
And I'm waking empty but seldom sleeping 
                        C#m                                         B 
And the words repeat breathing histories into stories untold 
         A  E  G#mG#m7 
brrrrr I,  I unfold, oooh 
                        C#m7                                                          G#m7 
see now, my Quality is what you see now in the corner of your eye, say 
     C#m7                                                          G#m7                    
and Don't be surprised if you hear the bells ring, They form from the sky 
                C#m7                                  G#m7 
they sound bong, bong, bong, bong bah-dah, eyeah yeah yeah 
                C#m7                                  G#m7                                         
ah, brrra da bong, bong, bong, bong bad-dah , eyeah yeah yeah, 
brrraaa oh my my, oh-whoa ohwhoa 
A                                                    C#m7}...G#m7}...
high ah na ni,  And I'm always holding up,  and i hold...and i'm holdin' out this time 
                             B                     A               
because I figure that I, just figure that i just make it. 

E                                      G#m G#m7 
And I'm waking empty but seldom sleeping 
                        C#m7                                           B        A      E~  
And the words repeat breathing histories into stories untold-brrrr I, I unfold

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