Gin Wigmore

Poison Keyboard

Gin Wigmore

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by ubirbomfim

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Cm                         G   
Touch me only when nobody knows, I'm not your only woman 
Bb                                Cm 
Turn me into your lonely secret ghost, Are you looking through me 

Cm                                               G  
When you kill me with the poison of an evil you hold, You feel so good to swallow 
           Bb                                   Cm 
When you give me all the gold and diamonds you own, To keep me as a lover 

     C       Fm 
You lock me away 
           Ab                    G 
So I can never see the light of day 

Cm                Fm 
Your love is my poison 
And I'm drinking it down 
I'm drinking it down 
Cm                    G 
And your love is my poison 
I'm drinking it down 
And I'll drink it all down again 

(Same chords for second verse and Chorus) 

Cm        G 
My body goes 
        Ab                 G 
In and out of where it's told 

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