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Frank Sinatra

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Make Believe


Cdim    A7      G/B   A7       A7/9 
We could make believe  I love you, 
Gdim  D        D6          D9 
Only make believe that you love me. 
Fdim     A    G   A   G      A7/13 A7 A4/7 
Others find peace of mind in pretending 
Gdim      D      E7        Em7  A7 
Couldn't you, couldn't I, Couldn't we 
Cdim    A7        G/B  A7        A7/9 
Make believe our lips are blending 
Gdim   D       D9   Bm   Bm5-/7     E7    
 In a phantom kiss,    or two or three 
   G           Fdim   Fdim    D   D7M  B7 
Might as well make believe  I love you 
    Em7         A7   Gdim D 
For to tell the truth, I  do. 

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