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Frank Sinatra

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by Tchucow

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All the way

Year: 1990 - Album: Romance: Songs From the Heart

(Sammy Cahn e Jimmy Van Helsen)

  		All the way (O tempo todo) 
When somebody loves you 
         Bm7            E7       Am7 
it's no good unless he loves you 
all the way 
G7/6    Db║      G7/6 
happy to be near you 
                 Db║      G7/6 
when you need someone to cheer you 
C7M         C7 
all the way 
 F                G7 
taller than the tallest tree is 
 Bm7             E7     Am   Gm7  C7 
that's how it's got to feel 
  F              G7           Dm6 
deeper than the deep blue sea is 
 E7            Am7 
that's how it goes 
         Fm  G7 
If it's real 
When somebody needs you 
         Bm7            E7       A7 
it's no good unless he needs you 
all the way 
  G7/6       Db║          G7/6 
through the good or lean years 
                  Db║     G7/6 
and for all those in between years 
C7M       Gm7   C7 
come what may 
      F              G7            Dm6 
who knows where the road will lead us 
      E7         Am   Fm 
only fool would say 
but if you'll let me love you 
         Bb7             A7 
it's for sure I'm gonna love you 
Dm7    G7   Gm6  A7 
all   the   way 
Dm7    G7    C7M   F7/9   C7M 
all   the   way 
ColaborašŃo de Roberto Crescioni 
Bauru, fevereiro de 2004 
[email protected] 

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