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Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by deivcavalcanti

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I'm singing songs downtown at the corner bar, 
Only friend I know is this damn guitar, 
No woman does exist for me 
No woman satisfies my needs! 
I cross these streets, a must at sound 
Call me up, I'm always around 
Echo effects through the empty town 
And the radio is up, then you know that 
We're gonna get... 
 Em           G               C-B                 
Down, down, down, down, down! 
 Em           G               C-B 
Down, down, down, down, down! 

Em G C I say you are all I want tonight B Em I say you are all I need yeah G C B My world it turns to see your smile, Em G You're giving me a reason, reason, reason (yeah) C B You're giving me a reason, reason, reason (yeah)
Em You now it's hard out here for you boy! G I tried to make money while I try to make noise C I swallow all my pride, I try to get by B My talk is cheap, so my tongue is tied! Em I am the opposite of mellow G Sippin' on a Red bull C B Angel on my right, on the left is the devil Em Hello, hello? Can you hear me sing? G C B I forgot how to speak in the 'midst of all the pain. Em G C I'm walking through the fire, fire, fire, fire, fire (yeah) B Em I'm walking through the flames G C B I'm walking through the flames (Chorus) Adlib: Em G C B (2x) Em G C Wake up, wake up, wake up Sleeping Beauty B Em G C B Now open your eyes! Open your eyes! Yeah! (Chorus) Em

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