Too Late Now Keyboard


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by gustsilva

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Too Late Now


Intro: G, D, G C 

           G                 D 
I'm making plans to pass the time 
              G                  C 
I write these songs, they seldom rhyme  
          Em             D 
I used to quit, but now I smoke 
This life's the only one I know  

              G               D 
I've got some friends I never see 
           G              C 
I wait but nothing's happening 
            Em              D  
I asked you if you felt the same  
             C                     D 
You know the rules; won't play the game  

G If I woke up now Em from a life-long dream C G I'd make sure to write it down Em Cause I'd like to think C that I've learned some things D Though it's too late now
G, D, G, C G D I've watched my days turn into nights G C I've seen the city, but not the sights Em D I've broken hearts, so mine won't break C I try to learn from my mistakes G D I learned my lines, I'll play my part G C I love the ending, but I don't know where to start Em D So if you're looking for someone to lead C Don't follow me D --Chorus-- Solo: G, D, G, C, Em, D, C G D So I won't sleep; I will not hide G C It's time to follow my advice Em D And when it's time to pay dues C D I'll let my life be my excuse --Chorus-- SOLO 2: G, D, G, C, Em, D, G, C, G

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