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There Is Drum Tab

Box Car Racer

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There Is

Key:  B

by pearldrums03
This is my third tab ever!
Band: Boxcar racer
Drummer: travis barker

this song is really good but the drums are really hard to hear. So I
did my best, Im sorry if it is totally wrong 


   play seven times
S  |oooOooOooorrOOoo|
B  |o-------o-------|

S  |oooOooOorrrrOOOO|
B  |o-------o-------|

Intro 2

   play seven times
S  |oooOooOoorrrOOOo|
B  |o-------o-------|

S  |oooOooOorrrrOOOO|
b  |o-------o-------|

Verse - play intro 2, twice


          play four times
S  |oooOooOoorrrrrrr|oooOooOooorrOOOo|
B  |o-------o-------|o-------o-------|

play intro 2

play the verse

play the chorus

play intro 2


S  |oooOooOorrrrrrOO|oooOooOorrOoOooo|
B  |o---------------|o---------------|

play the chorus

tabbed by pearldrums03


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