Zee Avi

Concrete Wall

Zee Avi

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Concrete Wall

What is  this all about  
Fm                                      G#     Cm 
Settle down, please don?t yell or  shout 
The landlord, he lives downstairs  
        G#                                      Fm 
We?ll  get evicted, please don?t be  too loud 

You  say i?m passive aggressive  
Fm                              G# 
How can i not be, when your always talking at me 
You say i?m unresponsive  
                        Cm              A# 
And here you are  talking over me 

Fm                              G#                                      
You make me wanna  throw this shoe right through  
 that concrete wall 
Cm      Fm                             Cm     Fm 
Maybe you should pack  your things,  
If its that dreadful  
                Cm      Fm 
Then just leave it all 

Cm                              Fm 
Don?t wanna keep on  sharing my bed,  
With someone that i have to  love less, and less 
Fm              Cm                     Fm 
Every time  i try to make you  smile  
You say that i?m being a  child 

Well i tried my best 
Say that i  need therapy, 
Fm                      C 
Well my  darling so do  you 
Cm      G# 
Don?t  need for you to tell me 
        Cm      Fm             Cm     Fm 
What  is wrong in all  i say or do 

                D#              Fm                             G# 
Please don?t try to  throw this shoe right through  that concrete wall,  
Maybe you should pack your things, If its that dreadful,  
        Cm              G# 
then  just leave  it all 

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