Within Temptation

In Perfect Harmony

Within Temptation

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In Perfect Harmony

	  		Intro- (Flauta) 
D               G6 
In a world so far away 
D                  G6   
At the end of a closing day 
D                    G6 
A little child was born and raised 
D                         G6 
Deep in the forest on a hidden place 
        A             D  
Mother never saw his face 
Chorus (2 Vezes) 
          D             G6 
Ancient spirits of the forest 
      A                      Bm 
Made him king of elves and threes 
           D           G6 
He was the only human being 
     A            Bm 
Who lived in harmony 
    G6       A    D 
In perfect harmony 
D                      G6 
The woods protected, fulfillled his needs  
D                 G6 
Fruit by birds, honey by bees 
D                 G6 
He found shelter under threes 
D                     G6 
He grew up in their company 
        A            D 
They became his family 
Chorus (2vezes) + SOLO 
A thousand seasons 
They passed him by 
D                     G6 
So many times, have said goodbye 
D                             G6 
And when the spirits called out his name 
D                    G6 
To join forever, forever to stay 
           A          D 
A forest spirit he became 
Chorus (2 vezes) 
    G6      A    D 
In Perfect Harmony___ 
Teclados + SOLO 
 Chorus (2 vezes) 
    G6      A    D 
In Perfect Harmony___ 
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*INTRO - Flauta (Adaptado para guitarra / violão) e|-----10~-12~-----10~------------- B|-10~---------12~-----12~-10~~---- G|--------------------------------- D|--------------------------------- A|--------------------------------- E|--------------------------------- e|-----10~-12~-----10~-14-12-14~~-- B|-10~---------12~----------------- G|--------------------------------- D|--------------------------------- A|--------------------------------- E|--------------------------------- *SOLO - (Use pedal de distorção) e|-10~--10~--10-9---------------9-10--------------------- B|----------------10-10/12~--12------10~--10-----10(12)~- G|-------------------------------------------11~--------- D|------------------------------------------------------- A|------------------------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------------- e|----9~-9(10)~-9---------------------------------------- B|-12-------------12-10~-10(12)~-12~-12-10~-10----------- G|---------------------------------------------11~------- D|------------------------------------------------------- A|------------------------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------------- e|------------------------------------------------------- B|-12~-10(12)-10----------------------------------------- G|---------------11~-9~---------------------------------- D|----------------------12~~----------------------------- A|------------------------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------------- *Teclados Riff 1 (3 vezes) e|---------------------------------- B|-----3-------3-------5-------3---- G|---4---4---2---2---4---4---2---2- D|-5-------4-------2-------4-------- A|---------------------------------- E|---------------------------------- Riff 2 e|----------------------------------- B|-----3-------5-------3-------3----- G|---4---4---6---6---2---2---2---3--- D|-5-------7-------0-------0--------- A|----------------------------------- E|----------------------------------- Obs: 1-)Como a música é inteira dedilhada, os acordes deverão ser tocados de acordo com as tablaturas abaixo. D e|------------- B|-----3------- G|---2---2----- D|-0-------0--- A|------------- E|------------- G6 e|------------- B|-----3------- G|---0---0----- D|------------- A|------------- E|-3-------3--- A e|------------- B|------------- G|-----2------- D|---2---2----- A|-0-------0--- E|------------- Bm e|----------- B|----------- G|-----3----- D|---4---4--- A|-2--------- E|----------- 2-) No acorde Bm, o bordão só é usado uma vez realmente, e não duas como nos outros, devido ao compasso da música.

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