Within Temptation

All I Need (acoustic)

Within Temptation

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All I Need (acoustic)

Capo on 3rd fret

Notes: You can replace the Em by ''For all I need'' for a G if you like :) 
Intro: Am F - Bm 
I'm dying to catch my breath 
F                Bm 
Oh, why don't I ever learn? 
I've lost all my trust 
                   F                 Bm 
Though I've surely tried to turn it around 

F         Bm  Am             G F 
Can you still see the heart of me? 
All my agony fades away 
When you hold me in your embrace 
               G        Em   F    
Don't tear me down for all I need 
Make my heart a better place 
Give me something I can believe 

           Em  Am 
Don't tear me down 
                   F    Bm 
You've opened the door now 
Don't let it close 

And then it repeads the verse and Chorus :) Have fun with it! 

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