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	  The tuning is a bit higher than E-tuning  
   G                                   D
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E|-3-----------------------------------x A|-2-----------------------------------x D|-0-----------------------------------0 G|-0--------2----------0---------------2 B|-3--3-1-0------3-1-0------3-1-0-0h1--3 e|-3-----------------------------------2
G Across the miles D It's funny to me Em7 D how far you are C9 but how near you seem to be G I could talk all night D B7 just to hear you breathe Em7 D I could spend my life C9 Em Am just livin this dream D7 you're all I ever need chorus G D you give me strength Em you give me hope C9 you give me some one to love someone to hold G D when I'm in your arms Em7 D I need you to know C9 I've never been G never been this close D C9

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